Sunday Gallerying

The frequent references to the past within my work come from my love of markets and collecting. I have spent most weekends attending car boot sales with my family, so they are very personal and nostalgic to me. Sunday Gallerying is a visual exploration of identity and individuality through car boot sales and the second-hand clothing that comes from them.

To explore the fictional histories of the discarded clothing, I collected several outfits, with the components bought from only one car boot sale stall each, to create imagined previous owners of the clothing. Using the style of the garments, their labels and connotations or stereotypes about them, I imagined six characters who would wear each outfit and who I enhanced through added styling, hair and make-up, to embody through self-portraits. The characters are situated in my home to display the domestic space that car boot sale clothing moves between and my identity through the decor, creating a combination of my identity and their imaginary identities.


Photography, Styling, Creative Direction - Molly Overstall Khan
Hair and Make Up - Cheryl Basko-Humphreys
Assisting - Ella Costache and Rossella Damiani
Nails - Hermione Shaw



© Molly Overstall Khan 2023