I Remember My Dream for Schön! Magazine

This fashion film highlights designers that produce unrestricted, creative and innovative pieces, as the Surreal artists of whom this project is inspired by did in their time.



        Schön! presents | i remember my dream from Schön! Magazine on Vimeo.

Creative Direction and Film Direction - Jhenyfy Muller
Photography - Norbert Kniat
Fashion - Molly Overstall Khan
Model - Ajak Dhieu @ Established Models
Hair and Make Up - Nina Simona Briazu
Location Scout - Ruth Roberts
Production Supervisor + Special Thanks - Peter Calvin
Fashion Assistant - Sarah Khan

Pieces by Holly Topping, Jennifer Milleder, RAPHAËL XIE, M Veerag, Lonely Objects,HELIKON XX, Christys’ London, LemonBelly, Tilda Fuller, Rhyzem, SK Vintage, ANMAES BEADS, Anna Melegh, Pärlemor, Luna London Studio and Tazmin Porter.




© Molly Overstall Khan 2023